Knowledge is power, information is liberating Kofi Annan

Slow Philosophy was written and edited by a multidisciplinary team of nine people, all from completely different walks of life but with a single common denominator: a vision of life that is very different from the standards and patterns that govern today’s society. They provide us with a series of stories based the personal experiences they have lived in their own lives.

The people who tell us these stories are Ima and James, a couple who thought their life was perfectly adapted to current times, but after going through diverse situations in the different chapters, they realize that there is something – something they cannot put their finger on – which makes them reconsider everything they hold to be true. No matter how hard they try to find the trigger that has made them doubt their way of life, they just cannot find the answer.

This is when Frederic comes into the story. Frederic is a helpful neighbour who has just moved into the area, and who despite his advanced age, has a lot to say. His knowledge and experience enable him to give James and Ima the keys to understanding these strange sensations they are feeling and lead them to certain conclusions which define a before and after in their lives.