Today we bring you a Slow project by definition. The Project of recovery of transhumant merino wool of the company Made in Slow.

Made in Slow is a platform that boasts the pride of preserving and recovering traditional heritage and values ​​that struggle to prevail in the society we are dealing with today, offering a selection of products that are governed by the conservation of traditional methods and resulting in an authenticity that It’s hard to find.

Its main project, “Transhumance by Made in Slow”, struggles to maintain one of the livestock activities in danger of extinction and that has represented an outstanding value in the last great migratory movements of herbivores throughout Europe, the Transhumance.

The main intention of the project is none other than to offer a technological and sustainable adaptation to transhumant herders who will see their living and working conditions improved, as well as an optimization of the respective processes of their activity.

But … How does Made in Slow help these pastors?

After developing a unique spinning product of the high quality of the product that gives the transhumant livestock, by the hand of Boldi Filati, “Transhumance by Made in Slow” develops a series of products focused on the fashion sector that, together with the marketing of the yarn for the industrial sector and labor, provide the necessary liquidity to sustain the economy of the project.

The transparency of the process is the key to guarantee the soul of the project. In this way, traceability takes on a more than outstanding role in this whole story. The detailed monitoring of all the phases of the production, allows the company to identify each thread, garment or fabric with its origin, offering the final user the possibility of connecting with the flocks, herders and values ​​of the activity.

If you want to know more about this project, do not hesitate to consult its website.